Watch Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott pour some sugar on stuff while promoting tour with Journey

Courtesy of Live NationDef Leppard‘s Joe Elliott stars in a quirky new video promoting his band’s upcoming North American tour with Journey — and it uses his band’s smash hit “Pour Some Sugar on Me” as its inspiration.

The fake infomercial, called Pouring Sugar, is hosted by Elliott and features the singer literally pouring sugar a bunch of different items, which are then magically transformed into bigger and cooler things.

With the help of sugar, Elliott turns a cupcake into a birthday cake in the shape of the Def Leppard-Journey tour’s logo, a small cheeseburger into a juicy steak, a single rose into a full bouquet, a ukulele into a gold Gibson Les Paul guitar, a boom box into a pair of break dancers and a music box into a real live ballerina.

The video also throws in a little promo for the recent release of Def Leppard’s catalog to digital and streaming services, as Joe pours sugar on a vinyl copy of the Hysteria, which becomes a collection of floating musical notes.

As the clip comes to an end, Elliott says, “This has been Pouring Sugar, and until next time — and there will be a next time — see you out on the road.”

The dates of the Def Leppard-Journey trek then scroll across the screen, as we hear an announcer read a disclaimer noting that sugar actually has no magical properties, “other than being delicious, and inspiring one of the greatest rock songs of all time.”

Watch the video now at and the band’s official YouTube channel.

The tour runs from a May 21 concert in Hartford, Connecticut, through an October 6 show in Inglewood, California.

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